NodeRun booth at Node+JS Interactive 2019.

We had a great time at the Node + JS Interactive this year! This was our first time attending an Open Source event, and we were really happy with how it went. We got to demonstrate NodeRun to developers from a wide range of companies, like Netflix, Zillow and Shopify, as well as up and coming software developers looking to dive more Node.js. We learned more about the business uses for NodeRun, such as building internal applications for companies with existing databases, as well as teaching students and showcase their work. It was also great to learn from our fellow sponsors, all key parts of the Open Source community.

Node + JS Interactive 2019 started us with a bang with speakers from the OpenJS Foundation, Google, Nearform and IBM. Later we got to see the future of tech with a live coding demo by Ellie Galloway. She showcased her skills by controlling the lights of some Jewelbots, and really got us excited about the next generation.

It was great to see the sponsors investing in the community. Sentry, a debugger, even gave away bath bombs! We also had the opportunity to attend some amazing sessions. We got to dive even more into npm with the Beyond npm Install session with Darcy Clarke. We do a lot of work with npm and it was great to hear more about its capabilities. The About Life, Robots and Cats! Session by Constanza Yanez Calderon was a great exposure of how Open Source makes developing more accessible to all kind of users. Special shout out to our booth neighbor, Twilio, for delivering a hilarious, Porg-filled closing session.

Overall, we were excited to see more female representation, and it was interesting to hear about female developers making their way in places like Colombia or Argentina. It was refreshing to interact with the community that is currently making Node.js possible, alive and robust.

We had a great time in Montreal, and we look forward to continuing building a community around NodeRun.

We can’t wait to see everyone this June in Austin!