Success Summary

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Business size:
  • Technical challenges: Aging business application code and user interfaces; Need for business dashboards and easier access to customer data; Need to support and attract new development talent
  • Solutions: Modern application development with Node.js solutions from Profound Logic

“The integration between our applications is seamless. Calling another RPG program or Node.js program is incredibly simple.”

Trevor McCullough, Director of IT, Kamik Footwear

The Challenge

Trevor McCullough, Director of IT at Kamik, made a stark realization: his applications hadn’t kept pace with the business. Their legacy business system was “good enough”, but to extend new tech capabilities and to give the business a competitive edge, they needed to modernize.

In a world of ever-changing business requirements, Trevor knew his staff needed to be better equipped to handle them.

He began to imagine all the ways completely modern business applications would aid his business. He envisioned a modern business system that enabled users to quickly access valuable business data and better support their customers.

The Solution

Trevor started by updating the source code of his critical business applications, converting the bulk of his code base from fixed-format to free-format RPG code. Not only did this improve the functionality of his applications, it made it possible for Sarah Taylor, a computer engineer right out of college, to take the reins on the modernization project.

The next step was to improve user interfaces. Trevor and Sarah began evaluating the different UI modernization products available. They discovered Profound Logic’s toolset, which allowed them to do that, and much more.

Profound Logic provides software and services to digitally transform businesses. Profound Logic solutions, including NodeRun, NodeRun Enterprise, and Profound UI, empower businesses to:

  • Transform legacy systems
  • Replace aging code and interfaces
  • Create omni-channel end user and customer experiences
  • Drive innovation by supporting data analysis
  • And and future-proof applications to be enabled for the Cloud.

In Kamik’s case, Trevor leveraged Profound Logic’s entire product line including their UI and Node.js solutions to create a new generation of business applications.

The Results

With Profound Logic’s tools, Trevor created Genisys 4: a comprehensive web and mobile platform that has transformed the way Kamik does business. Sales reps can now access their entire product catalog from their iPads and generate custom PDFs on the fly when meeting with retail customers.

iPad application generates PDF files from sales catalog

Genisys 4 also empowers Kamik’s sales, marketing, and accounting departments to monitor valuable business metrics via a customizable analytics dashboard.

And manufacturing wasn’t left out. When Kamik’s VP of manufacturing began evaluating third-party software solutions to improve their production, Trevor assured he could build a better application himself using Profound tools. In a very short period of time, he built a mobile application that was able to measure and improve Kamik’s manufacturing efficiency.

Mobile manufacturing application

On top of the modern RPG applications Trevor and his team have built to aid their business, they’ve also began to take advantage of the flexible open source language, Node.js.

“RPG has been doing really well for us, but we also needed another language that gave us a little more flexibility. That’s why we’ve purchased NodeRun Enterprise.”

With the help of Profound’s Node solutions – including NodeRun and NodeRun Enterprise – Trevor has built several Node.js IBM i applications that allow him to, in his words, “extend the platform”. He can now quickly integrate with other systems via REST API, call web services, and take advantage of npm packages to speed up his development.

One of Trevor’s Node.js applications processes orders from multiple locations including Amazon, EDI, and Kamik’s internal Magento application. “Once it gathers all the information from all these different inputs, it goes through the process of integrating the orders automatically through the ERP system and actually allocating picking and going down to our WMS (warehouse management software).” Trevor says.

Profound’s Node.js solutions allows Kamik’s Node.js and RPG applications to work together and with external systems smoothly.

As Trevor continues to develop beyond what he thought was possible, he’s found that the only limit his business applications has is his own imagination.

About Kamik

Footwear manufacturer Kamik has been family owned and operated in Canada since 1898, alongside an extended family of over 400 employees. Each new pair of Kamiks comes with over 100 years of history and expertise. After four generations of proven quality, they’re still looking for new, sustainable ways to improve—from the manufacturing process right down to the finished product.